My Home Garden Bee Hotel / Hive

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Hey Everyone! Welcome to another "PiP Blogger" 

A very short but very important blog for you today. Here are a couple of photos I took of my Bee Hotel I bought from Here is the link-> Bee Hotel

Bee's are extremely important in the pollination of our farmers crops, but you may have seen on the news over the past few years that the British bee is in decline and needs everyone's help to repopulate them. More bee's, more pollination, more crops, cheaper prices in the supermarkets. Simple! 

It's so easy, I hung mine on my shed just under 2 years ago, and as you can see from the top row of holes, last years babies have already left the hotel. Now, even more bee's have returned to lay there larva again. If everyone put even this small little hotel in there garden it would help an awful lot. Other things that help, I have created a lavender bed out the front of my house to attract bee's to the area, and I always consider which plants will attract bee's or butterflies to my garden when I take a trip to the garden center. More info on Bee's can be found **HERE** 

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